An option to be considered.....
With distance involved much of the intrinsic costs go towards travel & time.
GROUP/Stable booking:
This is available upon request: There is a maximum of three sessions in one day, minimum of two. However, I will stay over for a second day if there are more riders who wish to take up this option. A Second day stay over, minimum of one session, maximum of two.
The session fee is amended to the group, to reflect this type of booking. Please contact me for more details, by way of the contact Link page.
Please note: It is integral that I enter into direct contact with all riders being photographed, so I am able to best facilitate a session option and brief individually. All sessions are distinct of each other, the planning process is separate for each person, the format remains the same as a one to one booking. 

Share Scheme: 
This is simply modelled on the above, if two friends who stable their horses independently, would be interested to share the cost of booking a session. This option varies depending on proximity of locations / stable. Please contact me for more details, through the Contact Link page.