Techniques and styles in producing your Image.....
The nature of the work is to introduce a decorative aesthetic to Horse and Rider pictorially. Offering, bespoke horse and rider portraiture that features as a personal stylized fine art print. This is an approach that crosses over to encompass Carriage driving.
I have a Visual media background in both fine art and design. I spent twelve years as a Senior Scenic artist at the Royal Opera House, painting backdrops for the ROH and Royal Ballet, as well as working in Photography, film and  illustrative design. I bring in post production a specialised fine art and design element to the imagery photographed, whilst endeavouring to capture the sense of style in Camera first. I then heighten the images using various techniques to create the style that makes the picture unique. The print process will vary in reference to imagery, this is based upon the style and techniques used to develop-on the picture to its finished state. The time spent can be anything between 2-5 days to establish an image.
This time frame is extended out for fine art, Stylised commissioned work.  ‘Stylised’ is a creative fine art and design combination, working with a range of visual media to realise the work through to its completion. This can be either inclusive of rider and horse or horse exclusive.  With this option their is a more defined working brief artistically in design and process of the finished image, which is discussed in detail with the client.

About The Fine Art Images:

The Fine Art images are created in a digital environment and yet each image is painted and finished by hand; starting with an image that is shaped and originated in camera, as a basis for your unique bespoke artwork.