What does it cost.......
The Classical and Contemporary Session fee is set at £250. This fee covers the cost of the shoot and pre production planning work in design. Please see, the ’How it Works' Link above, for further information.
Finished images / prints are sold on a rising scale in reference to size and option.
Prices are sent out upon enquiry, please use contact Link.
Please note: If I feel I am unable to fulfil the client’s needs regards their image requirements, I will so advise prior to any booking. It is important for my own professional integrity, alongside positive promotion that I am able to produce an image that works for the client.
Horse handler.
This is a person who has 10years stable experience with various horses and breeds, as well as being a horse owner and experienced rider.
Horse handler, Session fee: £35.00.
This is especially advised for the Classic and Child session. 
The role of a horse handler is simply to assist the client in and around the session environment with the horse when needed. The function is an additional pair of confident, experienced, extremely good natured, equine hands. The position is not in place to deal with horses that are known to be temperamentally difficult to manage. 
With distance involved a lot of intrinsic costs go towards travel & time.
Session Price: £250.00 is based upon a 50mile radius of London. Petrol is charged at a Minimum outside this range. 
I charge for the petrol used (re-mileage) beyond the 50mile radius point only, this is not a money making area. A supplementary Milage charge/cost is given prior to a booking, based upon your location.