Session time, What to expect..............
With your horse, It is essentially a three way partnership working together to create that special image.
A session shoot generally lasts two hours unless otherwise arranged. Type of Location is more often than not, predetermined by style and option which is discussed in a needs analysis consultation, of how best to achieve the image desired. This is set alongside what’s suitable and practical regarding the location of your Stable. 
Natural daylight shoots can vary, especially in the UK with Its own (lets say) special kind of weather. A bright over cast day can often produce a more balanced result, while a sunny day can produce great images, but has an exspansive range of contrast, which can sometimes be too harsh. We can't change what we can't control, simply, the approach is to be flexible and work with what we are given and enjoy that experience. I will use a variety of techniques, during and post the session shoot, to realize that unique image. 
I personaly select the images that best represent visually the idea and requirements of the shoot. Post production work is then carried out to establish these images in style. Please see the ‘What I do’ Link above.
The Images will be ready to view normally within two/three weeks, the viewing process will vary dependant on the Session Option and the client’s needs. 
It is advised, that the Rider is chaperoned by either a friend or member of the family. If this is awkward, or something the Rider wants done for a surprise, an assistant horse handler is available at your request and additional charge. (Please see Link, 'Investment Info')
I am happy to quote, (give a price range) on request. Please include, your choice of session option and size of prints you may require.

Achieving a level of comfort is key to any successful photographic session. Be it a Horse & rider Portrait, Horse exclusive portrait or a Carriage Driving session; they all bring different unique challenges that require skills that go beyond technical knowledge. Part of the solution is communication, understanding what you have in mind, alongside helping you to develope and realise this creatively and photographically.
This is why any intial enquiry/prior discussion on your potential session is important. It allows you to make a considered decision through direct contact. It is not in place to be a hard sell or pitch on my part, rather more simply, a professional courtesy.