Gallery & Session Options:

There are three session options available, Classic, Contemporary and Stylized. A synopsis of each option is in place below.
It is a guide which is further worked upon in consultation and design, to develop your own bespoke session.

CLASSICAL: Mid 17th-18th Century, this option usually incorporates period costume. In this session the concept is to recreate in both look and feel the classical Paintings of the period; capturing in essence, that renaissance style with you and your horse, that features as a unique Image in the home.

Alternatively: The Classic image can be achieved with evening wear; this would be discussed together, to come up with an alternative that would best compliment this period look in style.

CONTEMPORARY: Is where we place the Horse and rider, in full riding tack and work towards a life style Portrait. The scenarios for this option vary from the stable to the surrounding area. The Contemporary session is moved on in away to create and capture the life style image of you and your horse together.

Is a creative fine art and design combination, working with a broad range of visual media. The idea is to create an image with a strong decorative design element, which presents as a bespoke fine art piece. (Please see Info: 'What I do' Link) This can be a mix of Rider & Horse or horse exclusive.